The ScareHouse Podcast: One of America’s Best Haunted Houses
ScareHouse is one of America's Best Haunted Houses! Join us for fun and informative conversations with our designers, cast, and crew - as well as extended interviews with other haunters, Pittsburgh icons, Ghost Hunters, and alternative artists and performers. ScareHouse, in Pittsburgh PA, is one of America's Scariest Halloween Haunted House Attractions (Travel Channel) - featured on Good Morning America, USA TODAY, Huffington Post, CBS news, Buzzfeed, Forbes, Geek & Sundry, and many other national media outlets. Tickets, dates, and more information about Pittsburgh's Ultimate Haunted House available from

Scott Simmons and Katie “Dudders” hang out on a loading dock in Pittsburgh’s Strip District with Rob Johnston to talk about social media and the importance of being genuine with your audience.



  • Rob, former ScareHouse Podcast host, reminisces about his favorite ScareHouse Podcast episodes
  • Discussing the rise and fall of Vine
  • Why Vine was such a great fit for Rob’s creative vision and how enjoyed the challenge
  • Using old school techniques and humor to engage with today’s audience
  • Rob’s one Vine that went horribly wrong
  • Having to let things go in order to grow
  • Rob talks about his most elaborate Vines and the clean up involved
  • The importance of using customer data and analyzing engagement in haunt building and social media content creation
  • Being relatable to your audience
  • Rob talks about his coffee dumping Vine that turned into a gif sensation
  • Trying to protect the content you’ve created in a social media world
  • Why the top 20 content creators of Vine were responsible for its downfall
  • What’s next for social media platforms
  • ScareHouse and Rob’s big payoffs for taking a chance and changing to anticipate where their audiences are going
  • Scott discusses The Simpsons and how they “got it” all those years ago
  • The importance of being honest and genuine with your audience

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